How To Improve Your Air Conditioner Efficiency

How To Improve Your Air Conditioner Efficiency

With summer upon us, we’re thinking more about air conditioning – and we know you are, too. If you’re considering installing an air conditioning unit within your home, or already have one in place, you might be wondering how efficient these systems really are. There are simple things you can do to improve your air conditioner’s efficiency, reduce downtime, and boost performance and comfort when you need it most – and here they are.

Keep Things Clean

Keeping your air conditioner clean – especially the condenser unit – is the best way of helping it perform at its best. Cleaning the condenser means inspecting and cleaning the coil, the fan and the compressor. You can do this in several easy steps, making sure you take extra care to preserve this crucial element of your air conditioning unit.

  • Turn off your power supply
  • Clean the fins of the unit using a vacuum cleaning, making sure to remove any leaves, dust or dirt
  • Straighten the fins
  • Open the air conditioner and remove the interior fan
  • Use a moist paper towel to remove leaves, dirt or insects that have collected inside the system
  • Use a hose to remove any stubborn debris, before reassembling the fan and compressor

Let It Vent

Inspecting and maintaining the vents on your ceiling, wall or floor is another great way to keep things efficient. Your vent openings should be clear from debris. Keep an eye on how much dirt collects, how regularly you vacuum, and what size air filter is needed, if any. You might clean your vents and still not have a very efficient system, so the next thing to do is to assess the surrounding space. Some furniture or nearby objects might be compromising your system by restricting the airflow.

Take Care Of Your Filter

An old, blocked filter can lead to serious inefficiency, making your air conditioner work harder to spread air around your home. As your air-con works harder, your energy consumption also rises, and fans and condensers become tired. Make sure you check your filter regularly and replace it when needed – usually every month or two. This does incur a cost, but you’ll benefit from quality power consumption and reduced energy bills in the long run, as well as a longer lifespan of your unit.

Block Any Air Leaks

If your home is old, air could be leaking through windows and doors, reducing the efficiency of your air conditioner. If there’s an air leak, your air conditioner will also be forced to work for a longer time to keep the space comfortable. If you notice an air leak, try weatherstrip or caulk products to seal it up. You’ll ensure cool air stays where it needs to, reducing the number of hours your air conditioner needs to work.

Strategic Installation

The location of your thermostat will impact how your air conditioner performs. Place it at the centre of your home, away from other appliances, and keep the temperature maintained – particularly during summer.

Reduce Surrounding Temperature

Home appliances put out a lot of heat, and can compromise the efficiency of your air conditioner. If you need to use appliances such as a clothes dryer regularly, consider also using a fan to keep your space cool. If your unit’s in direct contact with sunlight or operates in a space with prolonged sunlight exposure, it will need to work harder to balance out the heat. If you notice your air conditioner’s impacted by solar heat, consider investing in curtains or blinds.

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