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    For commercial electrical services in Port Macquarie, don’t hesitate to contact Mackie Electric & Refrigeration.

    We have the expertise to provide all kinds of electrical maintenance, servicing, upgrades, and repairs.

    You can count on us to carry out switchboard upgrades, switchboard metering, power factor corrections and much more.

    If you are looking for a new air conditioner for your home or business in Port Macquarie? 

    Our professionals can design, supply and install your ideal Split or Ducted system solution.

    We support our Air conditioning products with our own in-house warranty  repairs.

    Regular scheduled maintenance services are also available.

    Are you searching for reliable, experienced, Port Macquarie solar installers?

    You need look no further than Mackie Electric & Refrigeration.

    We offer reliable grid connected, standalone, commercial and hybrid systems designed to last, for best long term return on investment.

    Our professionals install only trusted, proven, and reliable Solar Systems from leading brands such as LG.

    Keep your produce perfectly chilled with our Port Macquarie refrigeration services. Our systems are designed to be energy efficient, and provide long-term value. Through thoughtful plant selection & design, we will deliver lifetime savings with the highest possible efficiencies delivering minimal operating costs. We support our Refrigeration, Cool room and Freezer room products by offering 24 hour breakdown service, and ongoing maintenance services, if required.

    Providing Excellent Electrical & Air Conditioning Service

    Are you searching for the commercial electrician Port Macquarie customers prefer? 

    We also provide complete residential and commercial air conditioning services.

    At Mackie Electric & Refrigeration we always have, and continue to be, passionate about delivering outstanding customer service.

    We are able to install proven, highly efficient solar systems to help you save money and at the same time do your part for the environment. Grid connected, standalone and hybrid options are available.

    We select only proven products from the most reputable brands – including LG, Daikin, Tesla and Hitachi. Our expert team will take the time to make sure you benefit from their decades of industry experience.

    Mackie Electric & Refrigeration have been proudly serving the Mid North Coast region since 1953. 

    Installing a Solar Panel on a Roof — Electricians in Taree, NSW

    Why Choose Mackie Electric & Refrigeration?

    • We supply, install, service & maintain units from leading manufacturers – including LG, Hitachi, Daikin & Tesla
    • We install only reliable, proven and trusted Ducted & Split-System air conditioners
    • We support our products by providing emergency breakdown services at any hour of the day or night
    • We offer thoughtful & efficient plant design for refrigeration & catering to commercial clients
    • We offer Solar Power Systems that last, allowing you to save money over the whole life of the system making your home more eco-efficient
    • Through thoughtful design, and careful selection, we will ensure you receive the ideal system for your specific needs

    Trust Our Electricians at Mackie Electric & Refrigeration

    Dealing with electrical services in your home or business can be a tricky affair, and there’s no replacement for having a tried and trusted partner by your side to manage them from start to finish.

    Whether you’re installing or upgrading your air conditioning, refrigeration systems, solar panels or any other aspect of your commercial electrical systems, trust Mackie Electric & Refrigeration to have your back.

    Founded in 1953, we have decades of experience in delivering projects both big and small from start to finish, with hundreds of happy customers along the way. So, how can we help you? Let’s take a look.

    Technical Electrician Expertise

    We’re proud to say that our team of electricians and technicians are highly qualified with a range of different skills, so we can take on any job, no matter how complicated it may be. We work with all kinds of electrical systems that have a wide range of functions, from refrigeration and solar panels to air conditioning and electrical infrastructure. So, if you need us to install a full solar array, an industrial cool room, a switchboard for a large commercial site or a full air conditioning system, we can do it all.

    Closeup Of A Switchboard — Mackie Electric & Refrigeration in Taree, NSW

    A full-Service Approach

    While we carry out any and all types of installation, we are also experts in maintenance and repair work too. Our team will work on electrical systems of all types to carry out most types of work, from routine servicing and maintenance work to emergency repairs and replacement. We can even upgrade your existing systems with extra capacity to give your business the room it needs to grow. For scheduled maintenance plans and emergency maintenance and repairs, we’ve got what it takes to help you out.

    Air Conditioning System Moundted On The Wall — Mackie Electric & Refrigerations in Taree, NSW

    Electrical Systems from Design to Fit-Out

    One of our most important departments at Mackie Electric & Refrigeration Group is our design team, who help to design the systems we fit from scratch in whatever area you need. We design electrical systems, refrigeration systems, air conditioning systems and more, all to help our clients get the best out of their new installation.

    We’re experts in helping you get value for money, so all our designs are created with economy and efficiency in mind with minimal operating costs. We can also back up our work with long term servicing and maintenance plans, giving you lasting peace of mind.

    The Best Electrical Team in the Business

    If you’re looking for the gold standard in electrical services, get in touch with Mackie Electric & Refrigeration Group. No matter the size or complexity of the job, we always give 110%, ensuring the maximum possible satisfaction for our clients at a price you’ll love.

    With our dedicated, trained and motivated electricians at your side, we can help you to make your business plans a reality. Give us a call today to book a meeting or a quote, and let’s get going!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the difference between ducted and split system air conditioners?

    As the name suggests, a ducted system utilises ducts within the walls of your home. A ducted system allows for easy zoning and are aesthetically discrete. Split systems, on the other hand, are run on an individual basis (one unit per room). They are often cheaper to install and run, as well as simple to maintain.

    Do you provide commercial refrigerator maintenance?

    Yes, we do. For your convenience, we even offer a 24/7 emergency breakdown service for commercial refrigeration units. Service and programmed maintenance contracts can be organised by our professionals and we promise to complete every job we undertake to the highest standard.

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