What Is Commercial Solar & How Does It Work?
Commercial Solar System On An Open Field

What Is Commercial Solar & How Does It Work?

With an increased focus on sustainability in an effort to limit the consequences of climate change, more and more businesses are seeking ways to improve their energy production and consumption. Commercial solar is one of the most popular solutions due to the many benefits it offers and its ease of use once installed.

To learn more about commercial solar, including what it is and how it works, carry on reading.

What is commercial solar?

The term ‘commercial solar’ refers to systems that are installed on business premises with the purpose of producing energy for that business via means of solar power. Commercial solar is seen as the opposite of residential solar, which is any solar system installed on a residence with the intention of powering a home.

Commercial solar is an expansive project that can take many different forms, depending on the size and nature of the company seeking to implement commercial solar solutions. For example, installing commercial solar systems for the government will be different than installing a system for a school, and so on.

How does commercial solar work?

Commercial solar primarily works through the strategic installation of solar panel-based photovoltaic power systems on the rooftop of the commissioning business. The solar panels are placed in a particular direction in order to maximise the amount of sunlight directly hitting them.

When solar energy hits the panels, the panels then convert this energy into DC current. This DC current is then directed to an inverter, which converts the current into AC. It’s this AC current that’s used to power your business premises. Throughout the daytime, this process is consistent and reliable – especially here in Australia.

Why use commercial solar?

There are many benefits for businesses that consider installing commercial solar systems. Understanding these benefits allows you to make an informed decision as to whether commercial solar is a viable solution for your business. Here are some of the main benefits of making the switch to commercial solar:

Reduced carbon emissions

One of the main benefits of commercial solar is how it reduces the amount of carbon emissions. This is because it produces energy without any waste such as water pollution or greenhouse gases. As a result, commercial solar is viewed as a healthier alternative of energy production for the environment.

Lower energy bills

After the initial set-up costs, commercial solar has the notable benefit of lowering energy bills for your business. This is because solar power is an efficient means of producing energy directly on-site rather than going through another energy provider. The less you rely on other energy suppliers, the lower your bills consequently.

Renewable energy source

Solar power is one of the very few energy sources that can truly be considered renewable. This makes it a very reliable source of energy production, unlike other methods such as wind which rely on a strong and consistent amount of wind to produce energy. This means commercial solar is a reliable means of energy production.

Fewer maintenance costs

Once installed, commercial solar panels are incredibly easy to maintain. For the most part, commercial solar systems only require a simple cleaning once or twice a year to ensure that the surface of the panels is clear to receive as much solar energy as possible.

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