What Is Considered An Electrical Emergency?

What Is Considered An Electrical Emergency?

Electrical emergencies can be disastrous for homes or businesses. Not only can electrical damage be costly to repair, but power faults can also pose significant dangers for you, your family, your staff and your clients if they aren’t resolved quickly by knowledgeable and experienced professionals. Electrical fires or shocks resulting from unresolved or ill-repaired faults can lead to property damage or even injury and loss of life. Our friendly team at Mackies is on hand to help with whatever electrical emergency you might be facing. But what counts as an electrical emergency, and how do you know when to call for help?

There Is Any Risk To You, Your Family Or Your Property

When you have any concerning electrical problems at home or at work, it’s important to first assess the level of risk to you, other occupants and staff or the building itself to help you know who to call. While an electrician might be able to easily resolve your issue during a standard appointment, other situations demand urgent emergency call-outs.

If your electrical situation poses any danger to you or anyone else within the property, if it’s impossible for you to turn off your power until you receive help, if you smell burning, or if your outlets are hot to the touch, it’s important you seek emergency electrical help as soon as possible.

The Power Suddenly Shuts Off

Has your home or workplace experienced a sudden, unexplained blackout? Any sudden loss of power is cause for concern and needs to be followed up by a professional. If your electrics immediately short-circuit once you restore power, this also indicates a significant problem. Contact an emergency electrician as soon as possible to assess and resolve the fault and prevent further damage or injury.

Your Outlet Is Hot Or Smoking

Electrical fires can start and spread quickly, can lead to significant damage, and carry a high potential for causing injury. A smoking or hot outlet is a proven recipe for starting a fire. If you notice an issue with an outlet or have any cause for concern, turn off all power to your property and call an emergency electrician immediately.

You Receive An Electric Shock

Most likely we’ve all experienced a little electric zap from time to time when using an appliance, electrical plug or outlet. While this might seem like no real cause for concern, and no reason to call an electrician, receiving an electric shock from plugs, outlets or electrics indicates there’s a significant problem that needs to be resolved before it causes damage or injury. If you, a member of your family or someone at work has received a shock, you need to arrange an emergency callout as soon as you can.

Call Mackies For Quality Electrical Assistance

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Our team of friendly and experienced electricians is available for callout any time of day or night, so you can be sure that when electrical troubles strike and you need to call someone you can trust to get the job done, you will be in safe hands with Mackies. Contact our team today to schedule a callout, to hear more about our range of services, or to arrange an obligation-free quote for your project.