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Workplace Health & Safety Insurance

At Mackie Electric & Refrigeration we strive for excellence. We employ effective business management processes and are dedicated to continuous improvement. Our integrated management systems guarantee quality services with personnel safety and environmental awareness.

The comprehensive framework upon which we’ve built our processes provides confidence in our capabilities and reliability to provide the highest quality services and products, every time, on time. Our services meet our customer regulations, mandates, expectations and needs.

The primary function of all safety systems is the reduction in workplace illness and injury. In the continually changing workplace environment, the effective assessment and management of safety issues is paramount. At Mackie Electric & Refrigeration we consider our staff’s and others’ safety to be our utmost priority.

Environmental sustainability is one of the biggest challenges we face in our global community, which is why we’ve structured our practices with this in mind. Our philosophy is one of improving operations to help achieve environmental sustainability. Our proactive approach involves incorporating environmentally responsible practices into our everyday business processes. Mackie Electric & Refrigeration identifies, measures, manages and controls our environmental aspects.

The Environmental, Work Health and Safety and Quality Assurance Management Strategies are adopted by Mackie Electric & Refrigeration Electric & Refrigeration Pty Ltd and applied to all aspects of our works, contractors, neighbours and community.

The Environmental, Work Health, Safety & Quality Management Systems are made up of 2 core components – principles and procedures:

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Management Commitment

The Management of Mackie Electric & Refrigeration confirm their commitment through the provision of:

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