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Proudly serving the Mid North Coast since 1953!

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Mackie Electric & Refrigeration, providing quality workmanship and expert solutions in Air Conditioning, Solar Power, Commercial Electrical & Refrigeration.

Our team service the residential and commercial sectors in Taree, Forster, Gloucester, Wauchope, Kempsey, Macksville, Port Macquarie, Nambucca Heads and throughout the greater Mid North Coast.

We have the capabilities to undertake projects of any scale and specialise in:

Your Air Conditioning, Electrical & Refrigeration Specialists

Choosing the ideal Air Conditioning or Solar solution for your home can be quite a confusing process. These days there are so many makes and models of Air Conditioning units and Solar Panels, but which one is right for you?

Which system best suits your needs will depend on your home, and how you want to use it. Getting it right will not only make you and your family comfortable, it can also save you money, year after year, for many years to come.

Getting it wrong could be very costly; and unlike whitegoods or furniture, Air Conditioning units and Solar Panels cannot be easily changed later. This is where experience really counts in Air Conditioning and Solar.

Choose Mackies for Air Conditioning, Electrical & Refrigeration Needs

Mackies know choosing the right system can be daunting, and we are here to take the pain out of the process.

Our experienced, caring staff will walk you through the various options, step by step, so you can make the best, most informed decision.

Mackie Electric & Refrigeration have been proudly serving the Mid North Coast since 1953.

Want to know more, or if we can help in any way, call our friendly team now on (02) 6552 2377

If you would like a quote on commercial electrical, solar, refrigeration, residential or commercial air conditioning (click on) request an obligation-free quote.

We offer commercial air conditioning and residential air conditioning services and will recommend the right system to meet your needs and budget.

Our team is commercial refrigeration specialists and can design and install cool rooms, cold rooms and freezer rooms to your specifications.

We design and install high quality, cost-effective residential and commercial solar systems including grid connected, hybrid and standalone systems.

Our team is a full service providers and can undertake all your commercial electrical requirements, from installations and maintenance to repairs.

Our Air Conditioning FAQs

What Services Does Mackie Electric & Refrigeration Provide?

Mackie Electric & Refrigeration provides a wide range of services, including air conditioning, solar power, commercial refrigeration and electrical installations, maintenance and repairs. We’re experts in these fields and have been proudly serving the Mid North Coast since 1953.

Why Should I Choose Mackie Electric & Refrigeration For My Air Conditioning, Electrical, And Refrigeration Needs?

It’s essential to choose the right air conditioning or solar solution for your home or business. Mackie Electric & Refrigeration has experienced and professional staff who can walk you through the various options and recommend the right system to meet your needs and budget. We provide expert installations, maintenance and repairs to ensure you receive the highest possible standard of service.

What Is Commercial Refrigeration?

Commercial refrigeration refers to the design, installation and maintenance of cooling systems for commercial purposes, such as restaurants, supermarkets and hospitals. This includes the installation of walk-in coolers, freezers and display cases to store and showcase food and other products.

We specialise in commercial refrigeration and can design and install cool rooms, freezer rooms and medical fridges and freezers, as well as tailored refrigeration solutions for supermarkets, fast food outlets, storage facilities, commercial kitchens and more. Whatever type of refrigeration you’re looking for, contact our team to discuss how we can help achieve your vision.

What Are The Key Differences Between Commercial And Residential Air Conditioning?

The key differences between commercial and residential air conditioning are the size and complexity of the system. Commercial air conditioning systems are generally larger and more complex, designed to cool larger spaces with a higher occupancy. They may also have different features, such as zoning or humidity control. Residential air conditioning systems are typically smaller and simpler, designed to cool individual rooms or small spaces.

Our air conditioning services can help regulate temperatures in your home or business and maintain a healthy indoor environment by reducing humidity and circulating fresh air. They can also improve the productivity of employees in commercial settings and help customers feel more comfortable in retail environments.

Is Solar Right For My Home Or Business?

Solar systems provide a clean and renewable source of energy that can help reduce carbon emissions and lower energy bills. They can also provide a backup source of power during power outages and increase the value of your property.

The suitability of solar for your home or business may depend on a variety of factors, such as your location, energy needs and budget. A solar specialist can help assess your situation and recommend the right solution for you so you can access the significant benefits of our solar systems.

Should I Install A Grid-connected, Hybrid Or Standalone Solar System?

A grid-connected solar system is connected to the electrical grid and allows excess energy to be sold back to the utility company. A hybrid solar system combines solar power with another energy source, such as a generator or battery backup, to provide uninterrupted power. A standalone solar system is not connected to the grid and is used in remote locations where access to traditional power sources is limited. The right system for you will depend on your specific energy requirements and preferences.

What Are The Main Differences Between Residential And Commercial Electrical Services?

Residential electrical services are designed to meet the electrical needs of individual homes, while commercial electrical services are designed to meet the electrical needs of businesses and commercial properties. Commercial electrical systems may be more complex and require more maintenance and repairs due to the higher demand for power and use of specialised equipment.

What Are The Key Factors To Consider Before Installing Commercial Refrigeration?

Before installing commercial refrigeration, it’s important to consider the size and layout of your space, the types of products that will be stored and the temperature and humidity requirements of those products, as well as energy efficiency and maintenance requirements. Consulting with a professional refrigeration specialist can help ensure that your refrigeration system is designed to meet the specific needs of your commercial space.