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Engineered Air Conditioning solutions

Mackie Electric & Refrigeration offers a complete range of Split and Ducted System Air Conditioning solutions for homes and businesses in the greater Mid North Coast region, from our two offices air conditioning Taree and air conditioning Port Macquarie.  

Our engineered systems incorporate a number of quality inclusions as standard, tailored to your individual requirements. Designed to deliver outstanding value for money, energy efficiency, and long term durability, delivering excellent return on your investment.

We understand every home or business is different, and therefore, so is the optimal Air Conditioning solution. We’ll determine the right air conditioner for your Home, or Business requirements, and install it for a competitive price. 

Air Conditioning Port Macquarie

We not only provide air conditioning in Taree, Mackie’s also supplies quality air conditioning units in Port Macquarie, including Daikin air conditioning. Chat with our team of professionals in-store, we can help you choose the right air conditioning to keep your home cool. If you need your air conditioner installed, our team provides professional installation and repair services.

Professional Air Conditioning Services: Installation & Maintenance

Our experienced sales and design consultants will evaluate your needs, and advise on the best solution, ensuring you receive an outstanding air conditioning solution that not only provides you with your perfect climate, but is highly efficient too!

We will also arrange installation and wiring of your system by our fully licensed installers and electricians. We are fully insured, and guarantee our work with a five year workmanship Warranty for your complete peace of mind.

Our focus ensures that we maintain our reputation as a leading provider of superior climate control solutions. You can rest easy knowing that our  highly trained and experienced professionals will carefully and thoughtfully recommend the most effective, and energy efficient solution for you and your particular circumstances.

Want to know more, or if we can help in any way, call our friendly team now on (02) 6552 2377

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Taree and Port Macquarie's Air Conditioning Specialists

We're Authorised Daikin, LG & Hitachi Air Conditioner Dealers

Every home or business is different, and therefore so is the optimal air conditioning solution. We are authorised dealers for Daikin air conditioners, LG, and Hitachi air conditioners, all world leaders in climate control technology.

Daikin are a well known and a deservedly trusted brand, that have built a reputation as air conditioning specialists globally. LG constantly researches and introduces a comprehensive range of innovative, greener products, and continue to be a leader in developing energy efficient solutions. Hitachi, are a longstanding, technologically advanced company, responsible for many clever innovations and product firsts. 

Daikin have been heating and cooling Australian homes and businesses for over 50 years, and design systems suitable for the harsh Australian climate. Hitachi & LG have been serving Australian homes and businesses for over 40 years with their innovative and environmentally conscious solutions.

Daikin air conditioners are found in many thousands of homes, businesses, and community projects across the country, Daikin’s integral focus is providing climate-controlled comfort for a complete range of applications. In other words “perfecting the air”.

Daikin have also established a world-class production facility in Sydney, Australia, where they continue to create new innovations in energy efficiency and climate-controlled comfort.

Hitachi combines innovative global products with local knowledge and support, to meet comfort needs faster, smarter, and more responsibly than ever before.

LG are emerging as a producer of technologically advanced, yet great value for money, sophisticated and smart, air conditioning products.


Why Choose Mackies Inverter Air Conditioners?

Energy Saving Comfort

Inverter air conditioners are improving out of sight, and can save you significantly in running costs on ducted, multi-split or single split systems (over a standard older system). Mackies remain at the forefront of bringing you the latest and most innovative products.

Superior Technology

We recommend systems that incorporate smart, advanced technology, which includes many innovative and patented features that are designed to make units more energy efficient, provide healthier, cleaner air, are quieter, more reliable, and are cheaper to run.


Easy-to-operate remote smart controls, as well as Wi-Fi options with programmable settings help to ensure the climate in your home is just the way you like it, anytime.

The best available Inverter Air conditioners In Taree & Port Macquarie

Inverter air conditioners are more powerful, yet, at the same time, more energy efficient than conventional, non-Inverter models.

Traditional non-Inverter Air Conditioners operate at a fixed speed, delivering a fixed amount of cooled or heated air, in an effort to maintain a set temperature. These “old school” Air Conditioners operate on a ‘stop/start’ principle.

However, a modern Inverter Air Conditioner is designed with much more advanced technology.

This operates the air conditioner in much the same way as the accelerator operates a car, increasing or decreasing power as required.

This achieves the desired temperature faster, and also means that these smart systems are continuously matching their power output to the cooling and heating requirements of your room.

This means that you will enjoy perfect comfort conditions, without wild, uncomfortable, temperature and humidity fluctuations.

The benefit to you? Uninterrupted continuous comfort, at the same time achieving significant lifetime savings on electricity costs, while at the same time being kinder to the environment.

Clean, healthy air is also on people’s minds these days (see video) some split system air conditioners have come a long way in this area too; featuring inbuilt advanced filtration, and even self-cleaning functions, ensuring you enjoy the highest Air Quality available, so you can really breathe easy.

At Mackie Electric & Refrigeration we pride ourselves on providing the best climate control solutions for your particular situation.


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Air Conditioning Installations

When you’re looking for a quality air conditioning installation in your Mid North Coast home or business, choose Mackie Electric & Refrigeration.

Our consultants will take the time to listen to your needs and preferences, before advising you on the best solution. We offer the experience, professionalism, and passion for customer service, to get the job done right.

Once we help you choose the perfect system, the installation will be carried out by our own professional team of fully-licensed, experienced, and insured technicians. We take pride in our workmanship, and so all our installation work comes with a five-year workmanship warranty.

You can trust Mackie Electric & Refrigeration for a neat, effective installation that will ensure you, your family, your staff, and your customers, stay comfortable all year round.

 Simply give us a call on (02) 6552 2377 to chat with our team or to request an obligation-free quote 

Hitachi Split Outdoor
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Air Conditioning REPAIRS & Maintenance

If you have an air conditioning system in your Mid North Coast home or business, maintenance is essential. Without proper maintenance, you won’t be able to enjoy the full benefits of your unit. At Mackie Electric & Refrigeration, we offer quality maintenance services to protect you against unexpected, inconvenient breakdowns or unwanted faults and expensive repair work.

Perhaps you’ve noticed your unit is running a bit slower than normal, is taking more time to power up, is making unusual sounds, or is even leaking. Whatever your needs, the Mackies team will help you save time and money with our efficient maintenance services.

Simply get in touch with us to schedule a full clean, which includes general care for your unit’s coils, fans, filters and more. While we’re at your property, we’ll also suggest ways in which you can prolong your air conditioner’s working life.

Maintain the perfect temperature with expert maintenance from Mackie Electric & Refrigeration. Call us today on (02) 6552 2377 to learn more or to arrange a visit.

Why Choose Mackies?

For quality air conditioning services across the Mid North Coast and surrounds,  Mackie Electric & Refrigeration have been serving the area for 70 years and offer outstanding electrical, air conditioning, solar and refrigeration installations, maintenance and repairs for residential and commercial clients alike.

We pride ourselves on the standards of our workmanship, the expertise of our team, and the professionalism and efficiency with which we carry out all our jobs. We make sure all our staff benefit from regular professional development and training, which is designed to keep them up to date with best practice, and ensure that our customers and staff remain safe at all times. We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without our administration and coordination team, who truly form the backbone of the business.

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of what we do, and we take every step possible to ensure we leave our clients happy at the end of the day. We love doing what we can to help our valued customers get the most out of their electrical, solar, air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

Get in touch with Mackie Electric & Refrigeration today, and see for yourself why we’re leaders in the industry. Call us today at (02) 6552 2377 to learn more about our team and services, or to request a quote.

Our Air Conditioning FAQs

Are Ducted or Split System Air Conditioners better?

Both Ducted and Split systems have their particular purpose depending on the area to be conditioned. Split systems are a better value option for a single room, Ducted is better for multiple rooms, or a whole house scenario.

What size air conditioner should I get?

Depending on the size of the room, the aspect (North, South, East or West facing) and number and size of windows. Taking all of the above elements into consideration the Air Conditioning unit capacity is calculated by conducting what we heat load analysis of the room or area. With the advent of modern day variable speed inverter Air Conditioners, slightly over-sizing the system will help heat or cool the home quicker, and save on running costs (an under sized unit will use more power than a correctly sized one).

How often should I clean my air conditioner?

This is really dependent on the environment. There is an air cleaning pre-filter in the Indoor Unit, as a general rule of thumb this should be cleaned about once a month to ensure efficient operation of your system (you can do this yourself, our installation technician can show you how). The outdoor unit should be checked about twice a year for any plastic bags, leaves or debris blocking the air intake and therefore impeding system performance. Mackies provides a cleaning service where we can come once a year and do a full system check, clean and maintenance. 

What is the difference between ducted and split system air conditioners?

As the name suggests, a ducted system utilises ducts within the ceiling of your home. A ducted system allows for easy zoning (switching on and off areas as required) and are aesthetically pleasing. Split systems, on the other hand, are run on an individual basis (one unit per room). They are more cost effective to install and run, but are limited to conditioning the room they are located in.