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Commercial Air Conditioning
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Commercial air conditioning

Our experienced sales and design engineers can design and install tailored air conditioning solutions for your Commercial air conditioning needs throughout the greater Mid North Coast.

There is a growing awareness that good air quality means less drowsiness, sick days, and more productivity in the workplace.

That is why Mackies utilise the latest technology innovations in air conditioning units to address indoor air quality concerns.

We can handle all types of air conditioning installations, from small offices to large-scale commercial developments.

Whether you’re interested in a single split, multiple splits, or a complex commercial Ducted air conditioning system, we have the background, knowledge, and flexibility, to design the ideal system for your requirements.

When it comes to commercial air conditioning equipment, we understand that it’s important to get it right, by not only considering the initial investment cost, but also being mindful of the very important ongoing operating costs, and the long term durability of your air conditioning system, in other words, the longest possible working life of your system.

We take the time to ensure our Commercial air conditioning systems are correctly designed, installed, and maintained, to optimise efficiency and minimise your operating costs, both short and long-term.

Our experienced design and installation team will take the time to assess your company’s needs and budget, as well as analyse your building’s design before recommending the most energy efficient and value-for-money air conditioning system.

The air conditioning solution we provide will be tailored specifically to your requirements, using only high-quality systems and components, as standard, to maximise your return on investment.

From the initial planning stage, right through to installation, commissioning, and ongoing air conditioning maintenance, our fully trained technicians have you covered.

Want to know more, or if we can help in any way, call our friendly team now on (02) 6552 2377

If you would like a quote on Residential, or Commercial Air Conditioning (click on) request an obligation-free quote.

We are able to travel throughout Port Macquarie, Taree and all up and down the Mid North Coast.