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When you need a commercial electrician Port Macquarie businesses can depend on, Mackie Electric & Refrigeration is here for you. We provide a complete range of commercial and industrial electrical services to clients across Port Macquarie and the surrounding area. Regardless of the type of commercial setup you might have, we can provide the prompt, knowledgeable assistance you need to keep your electrics running well.

As a seasoned commercial provider, we have an excellent understanding of the challenges and constraints that businesses face. When you use us, you can expect to receive prompt, responsive service, minimizing downtime and disruption.

Commercial Air Conditioning Unit

Commercial electricians understand your business

As seasoned commercial electricians, we have an excellent understanding of building and electrical regulations as they relate to a work environment. In addition, our knowledge extends to makes and models of electrical infrastructure that are going to work best in a commercial setting. We also understand the importance of affordable pricing, responsive service and discreet, professional working that keeps disruption to an absolute minimum.

Our 24/7/365 service ensures that should your commercial A/C or refrigeration require immediate attention, we can respond proactively. This reduces the risk of spoiled goods, closed facilities, or an environment that’s challenging for your workers to operate in.

What type of businesses can we work for?

The short answer is pretty much any business! In the past, we have worked for agribusinesses, industrial facilities (food & beverage, textiles, etc), the hospitality sector, retail facilities, hospitals, clinics, and many other enterprises.

Our team is as familiar with installing, maintaining, and repairing large-scale industrial plant as they are with fixing small A/C units and domestic-sized appliances.

If you’ve got an electrical problem, require an upgrade, or could use an inspection, Mackie Electric & Refrigeration offers the perfect solution.

Solar for commercial units

Solar can be a good investment for some businesses, but the different circumstances that each enterprise has means that a customised approach is required to get the best outcome. We can advise on the best type of solar to meet some (or occasionally all) of your energy requirements. We can also advise on the potential for government subsidies, as well as give you details of the solutions that tend to work best in Port Macquarie.

If you want to investigate the potential benefits that solar power can bring to your business (or if you have an existing solar installation that requires maintenance or repair), we can help.

Solar Panels On An Open Field
Cassette Type Air Conditioning Unit

Industrial/commercial A/C

The team at Mackie Electric & Refrigeration has experience in large-scale industrial A/C installations, including jobs where A/C needs to meet a demanding specification due to the nature of the industry. We have an excellent knowledge of the various options available, as well as the ability to tailor these options to your building and requirements.

Our expertise also extends to smaller A/C units. Whether you are considering replacing a unit and need advice and/or recommendations on the most cost-effective, energy-efficient solution, or require repair and/or maintenance, just give us a call and we’ll send out our competent team to get the job done.

Refrigeration for commercial enterprises

As well as standard commercial refrigeration units (such as cold rooms, freezers, commercial refrigeration units for restaurants and similar), we can also work on bespoke installations that have been designed to facilitate a particular industrial process or to keep plant cool whilst its in operation.

We understand how important temperature control is to the success of your business. When you need fast, competent electrical repair or maintenance, the team at Mackie Electric & Refrigeration offer a cost-effective, dependable and competent service.

Commercial Refrigerators On A Supermarket

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