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Solar - Electricians in Taree, NSW

Commercial solar systems

Commercial & Large Scale Solar Grid Connect Systems

Our commercial solar energy systems are custom designed to suit individual business needs. We deliver solar installations on time and budget.

Our commercial solar division designs and installs solar panel based photovoltaic (PV) power systems on the rooftops of businesses, schools and community organisations across the Mid North Coast and Great Lakes Areas.

Anyone with a large roof space could reap the rewards of a commercial scale solar power system. Your roof space will need to be in good condition, without obstructions or shade, and preferably north facing

Why Get A Commercial Solar System?

There are a number of economic, social and environmental reasons for installing commercial solar.

installed Solar Power

Commercial Solar Is Economical

The price of solar power has dropped dramatically, while electricity prices have sky rocketed. We believe the price hikes will continue. Commercial solar can have a repayment time of less than 3 years after which time, the electricity you generate is essentially free. With solar panels having a serviceable life of several decades, this translates to a huge reduction in your medium-to-long-term operational costs and business sustainability.

There can also be some significant tax advantages by installing solar for small businesses, through depreciation of the infrastructure. We recommend confirming the details with your financial advisor.

Solar Power installed

Why Choose Us For Your Commercial Solar Energy?

When it comes to Commercial Solar systems we are always assessing value for money based on long-term performance. We work with some of the world’s leading suppliers of componentry to achieve desired outcomes. Our design and installation teams are both experienced, and accredited, enabling us to have a broad scope of capabilities in the design, planning, and installation phases of commercial solar projects.

Some of our recent commercial solar installation projects include:

  • Taree Leagues & Sports Club
  • Taree Railway Bowling Club
  • Taree Off Road
  • Mansfield on the Manning
  • Taree Rural Fire Service
  • Eggins Comfort Coaches
  • Gloucester Car Wash
  • Valley Industries
  • Edstein Creative
  • Taree Christian College
  • Artisan Farmer Nabiac
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We service Port Macquarie, Taree the greater Mid North Coast and surrounding areas.

What Are The Rules For Commercial Solar?

The requirements, laws and considerations for Commercial Solar systems are different to those for a small-scale, or residential installation. Particularly if you intend to install a Commercial Solar operation that will generate more than 100kW of electrical energy. Our commercial team will provide you with the latest information and technologies, ensuring your installation goes smoothly, and achieves the desired functionality, reliability, and outstanding return on investment you expect.

Commercial Solar Panels

Our Commercial Solar System Process

Is a Larger Commercial Solar Power Installation Going To Make a Profit?

This depends on the size and type of installation, as well as variables such as the financing, usage and efficiency of the system. Whilst a larger system can be cheaper per kW of electricity generated, due to economies of scale, the level of upfront investment needed may mean there’s little financial gain to be made by opting for a larger system. Detailed below are some of the points to be aware of when considering the proposed size of your installation.

Small-Scale Installations (less than 30kW)

Generating around 120kWh of electricity each day, a 30kW system is perfect for smaller businesses that are primarily looking to use solar-generated electricity as an alternative to the grid for domestic use. You can expect to generate around $2,000 of electricity each month, which is usually enough to meet the power needs of a modest enterprise.

Medium-Scale Commercial Installations (between 30kw and 100kw)

This type of installation requires a number of specialist permissions that aren’t needed for a smaller fit-out. For example, your electricity provider will need to give permission before your installation can be connected to the local grid. An additional cost is incurred by the need to install protective components that eliminate the risk of a power surge from your installation hitting the grid and causing problems.

A solar power installation of this scale is popular with premises such as larger office blocks, hotels, clubs and similar facilities.

Large Installations (more than 100kw)

Once you start to generate over 100kw, different grant options apply. If your solar panels are expected to generate less than 100kw, you should qualify for a Small Scale Technology Certificate (STC). This provides an upfront grant, based on predicted output figures over the next nine years.

Larger installations need to apply for a Large Scale Generation Certificate (LGC). The money from an LGC is paid retrospectively, in instalments. The level of grant paid depends on the amount of power generated. Additional equipment is needed to monitor output accurately. There is also work to be done around collating and submitting the relevant figures to draw the grant down.

We are happy to talk through the different funding, registration and monitoring requirements that accompany each size of commercial solar installation, giving you the information you need to make the decisions that are right for you and your business.

Ongoing Maintenance And Monitoring

Every installation will need regular cleaning. Over time, dirt and grime obscure the surface of the PV cells, reducing the amount of sunlight that reaches them, which subsequently diminishes efficiency. We recommend power washing every six months to ensure optimal conditions for solar power generation.

Whilst it’s good practice for all businesses with a solar power supply to maintain accurate records of output and usage, it’s particularly important for larger installations that need to draw down cash through their LGC status.

Financing Options For A Solar System Installation

The way that a solar installation is financed can make a big difference to its cost-effectiveness. Ask our team about the various finance options available, including details of the grants you can apply for. As experienced solar installers for the commercial sector, we have a wealth of information available on options to improve the return you get on your solar panel investment.

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