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Commercial solar systems

Commercial & Large Scale Solar Grid Connect Systems

Our commercial solar energy systems are custom designed to suit individual business needs. We deliver solar installations on time and budget.

Our commercial solar division designs and installs solar panel based photovoltaic (PV) power systems on the rooftops of businesses, schools and community organisations across the Mid North Coast and Great Lakes Areas.

Anyone with a large roof space could reap the rewards of a commercial scale solar power system. Your roof space will need to be in good condition, without obstructions or shade, and preferably north facing

Why Go Solar?

There are a number of economic, social and environmental reasons for installing commercial solar.

Mackies 3 Phase Tesla Install

The price of solar power has dropped dramatically, while electricity prices have sky rocketed. We believe the price hikes will continue. Commercial solar can have a repayment time of less than 3 years after which time, the electricity you generate is essentially free. With solar panels having a serviceable life of several decades, this translates to a huge reduction in your medium-to-long-term operational costs and business sustainability.

There can also be some significant tax advantages by installing solar for small businesses, through depreciation of the infrastructure. We recommend confirming the details with your financial advisor.


We’re always assessing value for money based on long-term performance when it comes to commercial solar systems. Which is why we work with some of the world’s leading suppliers of components. We also employ many experienced and accredited designers and installers, enabling us to have a broad scope of capabilities in the design, planning and installation of commercial solar projects.

Some of our recent commercial solar installation projects include:

  • Taree Leagues & Sports Club
  • Taree Railway Bowling Club
  • Taree Off Road
  • Mansfield on the Manning
  • Taree Rural Fire Service
  • Eggins Comfort Coaches
  • Gloucester Car Wash
  • Valley Industries
  • Edstein Creative
  • Taree Christian College
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