How To Install An Off-grid Solar Power System?
Off-grid Solar Power On Roof

How To Install An Off-grid Solar Power System?

Solar power has undergone a massive boom in recent years – a rise in environmental awareness has made this technology invaluable for many. Being able to collect electrical power from the sun is an attractive option, one that can help you stay sustainable and cut down on bills; with that in mind, no wonder it has become so hugely popular. Some parts of the Australian outback can’t even get a connection to the grid, so they must rely upon off-grid solar power quite heavily – in this article, we will look at how to install an off-grid solar power system.

1. Do Your Research

First, you need to have a complete understanding of off-grid solar power and its benefits – it’s only fair that you know the systems you want to install in your home. Look at comparisons between grid and off-grid living from people in your area; generally speaking, you should have few problems capturing the Australian sunlight and reaping the benefits. As with all forms of solar power, the angle and positioning of your panels in relation to the sun can be a factor that affects how much you can store.

2. DIY Or Expert Installation?

A big question with off-grid power systems is whether it is better to construct it yourself or get a professional to help. We always recommend that you stick with an expert – they have the right experience and equipment to make sure everything is in order and that you are getting the most power from your panels. Going off-grid does not have to mean ignoring a professional solution; plenty of solar companies could help with this – they will also know how the electrical requirements of your house will translate to your solar power needs.

3. Speak With A Specialist

It is these experts who will help guide you throughout the process, so it is best to speak to a solar company as soon as you can. This is also invaluable as it allows you to get a quote and assess your budgetary requirements – even if you cannot get the latest solar power system, you should still be able to find one that suits your needs and more. Off-grid systems may have a high up-front installation cost, but you will practically make this money back when you no longer have to rely on expensive grid electricity.

4. Buying The Right System

When looking for the right solar power system, you may not be able to afford the most high-end options; this doesn’t mean you won’t get to experience the joys of off-grid solar living. As with most purchases, there are some key factors to consider: price, quality, and tech support. Far too many neglect the lattermost option; if your system experiences any difficulty at all, you want the peace of mind that your suppliers/installers could help in whatever way you need. You must buy the right size system to cover your needs across the year, and not just when the sun is at its peak.

5. Get A Quality Installation

With a provider in mind and after selecting the off-grid system you want to power your home, you should be ready for the installation. Local installers can sort your needs quicker with less lead time, with typical installations taking just a few days. Mackie Electric & Refrigeration has helped the Mid North Coast for nearly seven decades now – and in recent years, we have expanded our expertise to installing solar systems, grid or off-grid. For more on how we can help to get you a high-quality solar power solution, contact us today.