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Home Air conditioning-installation, repairs & maintenance

At Mackies we specialise in the design, installation, repairs, and maintenance of home air conditioning systems.

At Mackies we believe that your house is not just a house, it is your home, your sanctuary; and you deserve to have a home that has the right air conditioning to keep it comfortable all year round.

Your home is the place where you will create great memories, grow as a family, and celebrate the most important milestones of your life.

Therefore an air conditioning system, which is responsible for controlling the comfort level in your home, is a really important investment isn’t it?

Unlike other appliances, such as fridges, freezers, dishwashers, etc. air conditioning really does become part of your home; that is to say, it cannot easily be ‘returned’ or ‘exchanged’ if it does not perform to expectations. 

Therefore, doesn’t it makes sense to look beyond the initial purchase price of your air conditioning system, and consider the bigger picture; by thinking of the longer term, or lifetime value of your air conditioning investment.

At Mackies we are committed to “getting it right” first time, every time.

Whether you’re looking for Split System Air Conditioning, or a Ducted Air Conditioning System, it is important to consider not only the capability of the air conditioning  system to satisfy your important comfort requirements; other factors such ongoing running costs, serviceability, reliability, and the air conditioners’ operating life expectancy, are all critically important elements that contribute to your long term satisfaction and ultimate return on investment. 

The right air conditioning will greatly enhance your year round comfort, and therefore lifestyle, not to mention your overall enjoyment of your home, year after year, after year.

After all, is it really possible to enjoy your home, your sanctuary, if you are sweaty, hot and bothered, enduring sleepless nights, or, bone numbingly cold and dreading getting out of bed on a cold morning?

Mackies professional and experienced consultants have extensive experience in designing, and installing, many types of air-conditioning systems.

We’ll invest the time, and effort, to tailor the right air conditioning solution to suit your needs; ensuring you will remain refreshingly cool in summer, and cosy warm in winter.

We will start by carefully listening to your needs and desires, before conducting a survey of your premises (or studying your plans) and by following sound design and engineering principles, we will design the right air conditioning solution for you.

For example; Flexible duct comprises over ninety percent of the air handling side of a ducted system, and can have a significant impact on the performance of your Ducted Air Conditioning.

That’s why Mackies use HIGH EFFICIENCY GREENDUCT flexible duct, with extra thick insulation (90mm) which exceeds Australian building code (BCA 2009) flexible duct thermal insulation requirements.

Through careful design, the use of superior materials (like GREENDUCT), and by correctly tailoring the air conditioning system to your individual needs; we can achieve your ideal climate controlled comfort year-round, at the same time making sure you will enjoy the perfect comfort levels, and optimal energy efficiency (lowest running costs) for the life of your system. 

Daikin Ducted Lifestyle - bulkhead - couple in kitchen dining 04
Daikin Outdoor Unit
Hitachi Split Outdoor
Large LG Ducted Outdoor

To ensure you get the most out of your investment; our experienced professionals will take the time to instruct you on how to use your new system, as well as advise you on optimal settings to maximise comfort, while minimising running costs.

When you invest in air conditioning from Mackies, you’re receiving a system offering superior quality, durability, and energy efficiency, to comfortably control your home climate not only now, but long into the future.

Want to know more, or if we can help in any way, call our friendly team now on (02) 6552 2377

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We take on jobs throughout Port Macquarie, Taree, and the Mid North Coast region.

Mackies Inverter Air Conditioners
Energy Efficiency

Our Air Conditioners incorporate the latest, most advanced, inverter technology for more efficient operation (lowest running costs) and highest levels of in-home comfort.

Quiet Operation

We utilise the latest technologies to ensure whisper-quiet operation, inside and out.

5-Year Warranty

The 5-year parts and labour warranty applies to all split, multi-split and ducted air condition professionally installed by Mackies, in addition, we also provide a 5 year  workmanship warranty on our installations.

Repairs & Servicing

In the unlikely event that something goes wrong with your system, you can expect prompt and professional after sales support and repairs. We are authorised service agents for all of the Air Conditioning brands that we recommend.

Contact us today on (02) 6552 2377 to discuss your air conditioning needs.