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Are you looking to reduce your carbon footprint? Are you searching for ways to enhance your home’s energy efficiency? Go green with the power of solar panels and generate eco-friendly energy for your property today. Here at Mackies, we stock a wide range of solar energy systems to suit homes and businesses alike. So, you can start generating your own energy, saving money on your energy bills, and help the planet with ease.

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Trust Our Solar Professionals

With over 60 years of industry experience, our team at Mackies have seen the development and advancement of solar power as it happened. With such rich insights into the world of solar power, you can rely on our team to get the job done.

As part of our installation package, we test the efficiency and reliability of your solar system to ensure it meets our high-quality control standards. As part of our comprehensive services, we can help install:

  • Full solar energy systems
  • Solar inverters
  • Solar panels
  • Solar regulators
  • Deep cycle batteries
  • Camping kits

So, whatever your solar power needs, you can trust the experts at Mackies to get the job done.

Install Solar Panels to Save Money on Your Energy Bills

Installing a solar energy system does more than helping the planet. You can save a significant amount on your energy bills with solar panels on your property, generating your own energy to use on-site. So, if you’ve experienced rising energy costs in recent years, you could benefit from installing reliable solar panels on your property.

Solar is Perfect for the Australian Climate

With a warm climate and sunny character, Australia is the perfect place to install solar panels. Australia has some of the highest numbers of solar panels globally, with 2.68 million solar panels in place as of 2020. Plus, with a deep cycle battery, you can store excess power for use later in the day, reducing your reliance on the national grid. This option is excellent for more remote properties, increasing your self-reliance and rural living.

Choose Your Ideal Solar System

At Mackies, we know that no two properties are the same. Whether you’re looking to make your family home more energy-efficient or use green energy for your business centre, we have solar power systems for properties of all shapes and sizes.

Our team can install:

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If you’re ready to go green and get started on your solar power, get in touch with our team today to book your solar installation. At Mackies, we work across an extensive service area in New South Wales, ranging across Port Macquarie, Taree, Forster, Gloucester, and more. Thanks to our extensive industry experience and range of trusted suppliers, you can rely on us to provide a high-quality solar system that will serve your property for years to come.

Do you have an existing solar power system in need of some TLC? We can help conduct maintenance checks and repairs on some solar systems, so contact our team to book an appointment.

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