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We are dedicated to natural energy alternatives and proud to be a leading designer and installer of solar panels. Our technicians have the expertise to ensure you receive superior, cost-effective solar energy products and professional installation services.

Australia ranks as being one of the highest carbon polluters in the world per head per capita and yet has the most solar resources of any inhabited continent. Proven solar technology is beneficial to the environment and a far better option than paying rapidly rising electricity prices.

The Trusted Solar Professionals in Taree

All of the products we stock are tried and tested to deliver reliability and efficiency. Whether you require solar panels, solar regulators, solar inverters, deep cycle batteries, full solar energy systems, and camping kits, we have you covered!

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Benefits of Installing Solar Panels

As one of the most popular forms of renewable energy in Australia and, indeed the world, solar panels bring with them a whole range of benefits. We’ve outlined some of the most popular ones in case you remain unconvinced.

Reduced electricity bills

While there is an upfront cost associated with the installation of solar panels, over time this becomes a worthwhile investment. This is largely due to the fact that investing in solar power leads to a reduction in your electricity bills as some of your energy needs will now be fulfilled by the energy generated from the panels.

Low maintenance costs

In general, once your solar panels have been installed, maintenance costs are low. The only regular maintenance that needs to be done is keeping them clean, and this is relatively easy to do. Regarding part replacement, the only solar panel part that you should keep an eye on is the inverter – and even then, this only needs to be replaced on average every 5-10 years.

Solar panel developments are ongoing

Renewable energy continues to be a massive source of investment for companies and scientists around Australia and the rest of the world, meaning that we’re continuing to develop the latest and best technologies for harnessing the rays of the sun for energy. This means that, whenever you choose to install solar panels, you’ll be getting the best.

Solar is ideal for weather temperaments

One of the best advantages of living here in sunny Australia is that…well, just that! Across many months of the year, we enjoy glorious sunshine (sorry, UK) meaning we have great potential when it comes to solar power. Many households will be in a great position to harness the sunshine for hours upon hours during the summer months, making solar panels a great investment.

Solar panels are used for multi-purpose

Contrary to popular belief, solar panels are not limited to just a singular use. In reality, solar panels can be used to generate both electricity and heat – known as photovoltaics and solar thermal. This means, whether you require electricity, heat, or both, you have a versatile solution at your disposal – and located at your very home!

Least negative impact on the environment

In comparison to any other generator of energy, solar energy is viewed as one of the kindest forms of energy on the planet. This is due to the fact greenhouse gases are not produced and it does not pollute the oceans. Also, compared to other energy generating sources, solar panels are quieter – great for domestic environments and heavily populated areas!

Solar is for great for remote areas

Another huge advantage of solar panels is that the energy generated can be deployed virtually anywhere. This is especially great for those remote areas where access to electricity is not as readily available. Where this is the case, a network of solar panels in the local neighbourhood would be a great source of reliable energy.

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Our Solar Panel FAQs

What are the eligibility requirements to get solar panels?

All citizens are eligible to have solar panels installed, rebates are available dependent on the size of the solar array.

What solar system is best?

The best solar systems use high quality components installed to the manufacturer’s specification and be sized according to the customer’s energy requirements.

How do solar panels save me money?

Solar panels save you money by supplying your home with energy instead of buying it from the grid, it has the added benefit of exporting excess energy to build a credit against your account.