Off grid solar systems

Deciding to go “off-grid” with a solar system is a big decision and if you choose the wrong system, can also be costly. Advances in solar power over the years has seen major advancements in off-grid technology – it’s now more efficient than ever; so just because you’re living in a remote location, doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your comfort!

Mackie Electric & Refrigeration is accredited to design and install standalone off grid power systems in Taree, Port Macquarie and throughout the Mid North Coast. We’ll provide you with professional solar solutions to suit your current and future power needs, whether you’re after a small system for a unit or apartment through to a larger system to suit a family home.

If you invest in a solar system through us, every stage of your solar system design is carefully analysed, including sizing the PV array, selecting batteries and inverters, to ensuring the provision of a long-term reliable power solution. We only use the highest quality equipment solar equipment and accessories to ensure that the system installed will provide adequate power and prolonged service life of major components, such as batteries.

When going ‘off-grid’ it’s imperative that your system is reliable, efficient and designed with your power consumption in mind, by utilising the latest technology in inverters and batteries.

Solar panels closeup — Mackie Electric & Refrigeration in Taree, NSW
Solar Panels Against The Sky
Mackies 3 Phase Tesla Install2

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With a Mackie Electric & Refrigeration “off-grid” system, maintenance is reduced to a minimum due to the use of sealed gel batteries. A correctly designed “off-grid” system will have a battery bank capable of delivering a minimum of 3 days back-up power in the event of poor weather, and if required, a generator can be connected to recharge the system. We can also have a generator configured to automatically start and supply extra power to your system when required.

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How do “off grid” power systems work?

Don’t settle for second best – an off grid solar system is a substantial investment; not just of money, but your family’s comfort, safety and security. We take the headaches out of remote power systems! Contact us today on (02) 6552 2377 and speak to our friendly, dedicated staff.